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 IT Support Services

PC IT Support

Whether it's setting up Windows® on new computers, advice on setting up an out-of-office email message in Outlook®, connecting several PC's to a new office network or making sure you have back-ups of all your important data, the chances are that IT support is something that you will need from time to time.

The problem for many small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) or sole traders is that they are not big enough to have their own support staff and there wouldn't be enough work to fill their time on a daily basis if they did.

This is where an external IT Support service, available when you need it but not costing you when you don't, can be invaluable - and that service is available here.

Windows 10 Laptop

PC Support: Whether it's connecting to a network, setting-up data backups or fixing a broken email account, you can get expert help here.

Network Hubs and Routers

Setting-up a small business network requires a few more bits of equipment than just the computers  you want to connect together.

Beware Unfortunate Meanings
User Error Dialog Box

Some errors are easier to fix than others!

Ad-Hoc Support

Support when you need it. Whether you want to set-up WiFi for your customers, back-up your accounts and emails, be able to remotely access your work PC from home or if you just have a PC that has started misbehaving.

There are all sorts of occasions when you may not have the knowledge or even the time to sort out IT problems and calling in the services of someone who can sort it out for you, whilst leaving you to get on with running your life or business, is the most effective course of action.

Often, it may not even be necessary to carry out a site visit. For example, adding or re-directing email accounts on a hosted email server can be done remotely.

Other Services

Of course, fixing problems is not the only reason you might require support. For example; you might have decided that, as your business expands, you need to install a network so that everyone can access shared data without the need to run backwards and forwards from one PC to another.

Setting up a small network might sound simple - until you start thinking about how to control access to different network resources by different people. For example, allowing everyone access to price lists and product information, but not accounts and financial data.

In retail, you might want to convert your credit card machine to wireless Internet connectivity rather than tying-up a phone line. This is much faster, but you need to ensure that the connection cannot be used to access the rest of your systems. Likewise when giving customers WiFi Internet access for their devices, you don't want them being able to access your internal network.

Advice, guidance and assistance on all of this and more is available here.

Next Steps

If you want to know more, then please take a look at the other pages on this site. If you want to do more and have great service and support, but without the hassle of dealing with the 'techie' bits, then please get in touch now.